About me

Learning something new every day is keeping me going on. I like keeping things in balance. When I'm not smashing the keyboard I like to enjoy the nature, create music or keep myself in a good condition by moving and eating healthy.

Work Experience

Finding my own way
Jun 2016 - Still going on

I'm continuing my journey of doing things I am really interested in. At this point I'd like to choose how I spend my time.

Senior Software Engineer / Elektrobit Automotive
Q4 2017

Designing, development and testing of user management system for cars.

Software Designer / Anite Finland Ltd (Keysight Technologies)
Jan 2007 - Jun 2016

Designing, development and testing of network testing software for desktop environments. Main areas: IP based protocols, packet capturing software, video quality tools (including embedding Chromium and VLC), Social Media API's (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.). Mainly C++ but some C# as well.


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I have good skills with the following programming languages: C/C++, C#, PHP, Python, HTML5/CSS3 (+ Bootstrap etc). Currently I'm trying to learn more about JavaScript, Rust and Lua.

I'm familiar with multiple environments and IDE's, like Microsoft Visual Studio / VSCode, Atom, Unity and QtCreator. I also use all three main operating systems very smoothly. At home I mostly run macOS and GNU/Linux.

Music and media

Music keeps me in balance with all the technology stuff. I have recorded, mixed and mastered several records. Mostly these are my band's or my own projects. Still, I'm very open to mixing or even producing another artists. I have made electronic music since 1997, transferring from Fast Tracker II to FruityLoops, and finally to Logic Pro X which is still my main tool. I also enjoy singing, playing guitar and bass (and some keyboards), composing and writing lyrics. Few of my songs have been played in short movies and commercials. While I can enjoy making some brutal metal music, sometimes I drift to painting landscapes in the ambient genre.

I also take some photographs and do a little bit of digital art. I also have some work experience with old school photograph developing, and image retouching.



If you want to support any of my software or musical projects, you can send donations to:



Sami Vänttinen

36 years old

Software Designer

Oulu, Finland



Kalevala bone-setting
Kalevalainen Jäsenkorjaus
Kansanlääkintäseura ry
2014 -

BEng in Information Technology and Telecommunications
Specialisation in Programming of Embedded Software
Oulu University of Applied Sciences
2003 - 2007


Finnish (Native)
English (Good)
Japanese (Basics)
Swedish (Basics)

Interests and hobbies

Vegetarian/vegan foods
Japanese budō